The industry of promotional products usually perceives trends to come and go quite easily. However, there are sometimes some of the best trends that are still becoming a hit. Below are some of the most popular categories and products, giving you the major trends this coming 2020. These products will surely be a hit in the future:


Nowadays, we are living in a world that’s abundant in innovations and changes. Because of this, the category of technology has been on our top list. Technology has become a hit for numerous years already and that’s definitely won’t stop or change anytime sooner. Aside from the common tech terms, such as speakers, headphones, chargers, wireless, power banks, USBs, etc., your clients are loving anything wireless.

Moreover, smart home technology has been emerging recently in the industry of technology. From security kits to doorbells, and power strips and outlet plugs, this degree of technology has already turned out to be accessible to the public at an inexpensive rate. For your marketing plan, smart home technology has proven to be a great investment in the near future.

Cause sustainability and marketing

Clients and users want to see that a brand gives back. In particular, sustainable practices, cause marketing, give-back programs can either make or break your sales. There’s actually a lot of customers actively select and look for brands that have flawless and transparent sustainability credentials.

For marketing, this only implies that you have to advance your game when it comes to activities that involve going green or to give back to the community. There are a lot of things you can do to achieve this objective. When it comes to products, reusable straws have become a major hit for consumers and other substitutes that promotes the single-use of plastics.

Unique materials and prints

Since the start of the year 2019, unique materials and prints have reached the top trends and has unexpectedly been consistent up until now. Prints, such as marble, animal, and camo, are quite popular now and also rainbow patterns and iridescent items. These attractive products are truly a hit all throughout the year and they will still keep on going up to the next years to come.

Casual workwear

A lot of companies are now adhering to casual dress codes instead of having a formal one in their businesses. There has been a significant change in the office area itself since a lot of businesses are now embracing remote workers, open-office concepts, co-working areas, and even options where employees are allowed to work at home. Having a lot of changes, flexibility has without a doubt breached into workwear. Most of the employees now are free to wear what they want to wear, adding swag and fun to their daily workwear. This is an advantage to businesses since the employees can appreciate this effort, which encourages them to work harder and be productive workers.


Clear bags are still doing well in the industry. A lot of concert halls or stadiums are now requiring clear bags for big events like concerts or sports contest, making it a great product to retail. This idea was also made possible in universities and schools. Fanny packs and even backpacks have turned out to be popular this year and up to the years to come.

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